It is an intermediate level disinfectant, its unique formula cleans and disinfects at the same time, it is composed of a mixture of ready-to-use formulas: biguanide ammonium quaternary molecules that ensure efficacy on fixed surfaces, non-critical articles, and respiratory care. Inficated for using in hospitals, especially in critical areas with a higher risk of contracting hospital infection, health homes, outpatient clinics, dental offices and health posts. It can be applied to floors, walls, furniture and non-critical articles. Its safe application can be in acrylics, glazes, paints, coatings, stainless steel, porcelain, polyethylene, polypropylene, tiles, linoleum, floors, PVC, vinyl, latex, monitors, LCD screens, infusion pumps, incubators, transducers and etc.


750 mL
1 L
5 L



Expiration Date

24 months from the date of production

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